Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life In A Swing State: Intro

The saying goes, "As Ohio goes, so goes the nation." In my opinion, Ohio has, by far, lost more than it has gained in its recurring role as a "swing" state in Presidential elections. By lost, I mean lost economically.

Said another way, I believe our economy has been hurt more than it has been helped by being a state where candidates for President have to focus to win.

I'm going to, partially, deviate from the supposed economic development theme of this column with a perspective on the impacts of the upcoming Presidential election on my home state--Ohio.

I live in a swing precinct, too, in this swing state so I fully expect to have plenty of fodder for this premise. Though I am Republican, I intend to try to be nonpartisan in my remarks.

My time won't have been wasted if at least one of my points made here ends up tilting, in some way, the value of being a swing state more in my fellow Ohioans favor.

I hope readers will stay tuned.

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