Friday, June 6, 2014

Attacking Our American Dream?

It's as if there is a script circulating among big city media designed to attack the American Dream.  Have you noticed it?

It seems inconceivable, on the surface, that anyone would have a hidden agenda to attack the American Dream.  So, it appears as if the reasoning behind it is some objectively-pursued, journalistic pursuit of wanting to know if the American Dream is alive.
I'm not so sure. 
The American Dream is more associated with kids in the suburbs and is a threat to the narrative that dense, urban living needs to be forced to happen instead.  Attacking the American Dream can have the result of swaying the Millennials away from the track their parents took to the suburbs.  Thus, there could be a negative purpose behind this attack.
Thankfully, some are fighting back.  "The American Dream is EMINENTLY Attainable" takes the issue head on.  So does a recent Joel Kotkin piece.
I'm living the American Dream, and I want my kids to live it too some day. 

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