Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things, One Not So Favorite Thing


The latest from Joel Kotkin hits on a few of my favorite themes, less one.  His "Shaking Off The Rust: Cleveland Workforce Gets Younger And Smarter" hits close to home for me, a Northeast Ohio native.

Kotkin and his writings are among my favorites to start with and his latest column added manufacturing, Ohio, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, workforce, and anti-smart growth themes to the mix.  If he had only left out the "Rust Belt" term, it would be completely a favorite.

The piece is a must-read nonetheless.

Kotkin picks up on the research by Cleveland State University on the rising educational attainment and influx of working age population in Cleveland.  He, rightly, robs the credit for it from the various movements to make the City "hip and cool" and firmly plants it with pragmatic reasons--costs of living and a presence of advanced manufacturing.

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