Monday, March 4, 2013

Ten Years of TriPlatts: Like a Frat House

My triplet children, aka the TriPlatts, celebrate their birthdays on March 13. I'm taking a "family" departure in the editorial realm the next few days. Thus, I'm taking ten days plus the last one, that March 13, to reflect on ten years with John, Brynley, and Brooks. I'm doing it to document those first ten years worth of memories, but I hope to share some entertaining thoughts along the way.

My first feeding, for John.

I can't attribute the comment, but whomever said it was right on about the early months of being triplet parents.  "Having triplets is like living in a frat house--lots of bottles, someone's always in the bathroom, and someone's always awake.

I never lived in a frat house, but I have lived in a triplet one and that's right on.

Bottles:  Though my wife breast fed as much as possible, life still required bottles.  Our sterilizer was as big a one as I could find, and it wasn't big enough.  When it was time for formula, I used an entire container and mixed it all at once.

Sleep:  Until rice cereal got added to the formula, we didn't sleep.  That was four months of sleeping when you could.  The saying triplet parents hear is sleep when they sleep.  Easier said than done since someone was almost always up.

Bathroom:  We bought diapers by the UPS delivery load every month.  Enough said.

Tomorrow:  Feeding Three At a Time

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