Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ten Years of TriPlatts: Comments From The Gallery

My triplet children, aka the TriPlatts, celebrate their birthdays on March 13. I'm taking a "family" departure in the editorial realm the next few days. Thus, I'm taking ten days plus the last one, that March 13, to reflect on ten years with John, Brynley, and Brooks. I'm doing it to document those first ten years worth of memories, but I hope to share some entertaining thoughts along the way.

Yes, my hands, and my lap, were full.
The comments you get from strangers wherever you go takes a bit of tact mixed with a bit of tongue-biting.  You'd be amazed the things you are asked.

"I bet you have your hands full.":  This is the most common among passersby.  Every person thinks that they are the clever inventor of that phrase.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard it, though, I might be half way to paying for my kids college already.  As they get older, though, you hear it less and less. 

Note to triplet parents:  After about five years old, you truly have your hands less full and it gets easier.  So, maybe it's no coincidence that five is the age when you start hearing that phrase less and less.

"I'll tell you about my sex life after you tell me about yours first.":  Alright.  I never said that, but I was surely tempted to many times.  Even after ten years of being asked, I still find myself in shock at the people who are so bold as to ask how my triplets were conceived.  Oddly enough, I've never found a pattern as I've been asked by people of all backgrounds.

"God blessed us with three.":  This was my stock answer.  I got so good at anticipating the conception question, that I could work these five words into the conversation before someone even asked.

Trust me triplet parents.  This one works!

Tomorrow:  These Booties Are Made For Walking

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