Thursday, September 6, 2012

Future Career Recommendation: Multi-Craft Maintenance Technician

I'd give this recommendation to my youngest kids if they were teenagers looking to a brighter future.  If you want a career that uses your hands-on skills and has a bright future, multi-craft maintenance is the career for you. has the definition and where to find the openings.

Multi-craft maintenance technicians are the people who keep manufacturing machines running.  The multi-craft part is being able to weld, pipe-fit, construct, and more of the crafts or trades.  Maintenance is understated as it is really about high-level keeping of equipment running, not clean up or custodial work.

Manufacturing is making a comeback in the U.S. and automation will continue to be the answer.  Someone has to keep the machines running.

I heard a manufacturer say yesterday that it took him six months to find one person to hire for a job opening in that position.  That same company said they are going to lose six more techs in the next few years to retirements. 

I know of another manufacturer who paid six figures to fill such a slot recently.

Repeat it.  Multi-craft maintenance.

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