Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Greatest Measure of Success: A Full Parking Lot

Black Hand Gorge stands in stark contrast to just a year ago. A run down, boarded-up cabin was the centerpiece. Invasive trees started as weeds, but they never got weeded out. Trails were neglected to the point of being indecipherable. People were threatened with trespassing for the mildest of innocent offenses. No one dare mention there was a canal lock and rail tunnel on the north side.

Today, it's a different tale.

An Eagle Scout project has reopened the cabin. The weed forest that welcomed visitors has been cleared out. Trails have been re-blazed and new ones blazed. The parking lot has been re-paved. A Friends of Black Hand Gorge group has been formed to take it all to another level. The tunnel issue is back on the radar screen for resolution.

Best of all, people are, again, welcomed to be visitors instead of merely prospective trespassers.

Black Hand Gorge is revived and reinvigorated. Taxpayers are, again, getting a return on investment, and then some.

The best measure? Full parking lots.

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