Sunday, July 29, 2012

Idora Neighborhood News

News in my local paper in Newark included a tidbit from Youngstown, Ohio. That news was good news from a neighborhood where part of my family grew up 100 years ago. Label this another blog written for my kids to read someday.

The story is about a mural looking at the neighborhood's past, present, and future. The golden age of this neighborhood has passed. The mural is a sign of a hoped for comeback.

My great grandfather Royal Platt moved to work at Idora Park in 1906, spending over 20 years working there as GM and part owner. After cashing out in 1929 and moving to Beverly Hills, he returned to Youngstown and that neighborhood for the latter years of his life. My great grandmother built and lived in an apartment building there after Royal died.

My great grandfather Alfred Baker worked nearby as a draftsman and raised his daughters in the neighborhood. My grandparents' first places they lived after marrying in 1938 were right there too. The first place my Dad went after the hospital in which he was born was that same neighborhood.

I'm hoping for the neighborhood's comeback. The story was more than just a tidbit to me.

See Youngstown News, Idora Neighborhood Mural

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