Friday, July 13, 2012

Bringing Our Customer Along on Staff Retreat

Our Port Authority had a day-long staff retreat yesterday.  As is our custom, we combine strategic relaxation, strategic re-education, and strategic re-examination into the day.

After the relaxation part--a tour of Licking County's Cranberry Bog on Buckeye Lake and a boat tour of the lake--we sat down for a re-education on some of Vistage Speaker Gerry Layo's materials on linking customer service and growth in sales/revenues.

And for the re-examination portion I took Gerry's advice by adding a chair for our customers appropriately labeled "Reserved for Our Customers' Point of View."

The customers' point of view clearly was part of the day too.  We came away with a to do list of seven key items to improve our operations' customer service approach ranging from how to manage voice mail to better signage for on-site amenities.

Thanks, Gerry.

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