Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Love it When Topics Converge

A Forbes column by contributor Adam Ozimek gives a rare chance to converge some of my favorite topics.  The column is titled "Who Wins More From The Google Car?  Cities or Suburbs."

First, I've written about the Google car before.  See Google Driverless Car Crash?, Driverless Cars in My Lifetime?, and My Grandma Dena, On the Driverless Car.

I've written ad naseum on smart growth and suburbs.  I've really written a ton about it lately too.  Just click on the keywords at right.

Then, I see this Twitter message from the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, that's @NCMSMFG for the Twitter crowd. 

The contributor debates whether cities, suburbs, or exurbs will benefit more from driverless cars in the future.  It's a read-worthy debate.

Ozamek's premise is, in part, based on the concept that cities lost their manufacturing bases because they lost the transportation costs advantages they once were thought to have enjoyed.

Check it out.

For the record, I think there's no doubt.  The answer is suburbs.

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