Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is Rick Platt, Calling for Rick Platt

This is too funny not to share.

My wife took the call.  "This is Rick Platt, calling for Rick Platt."

At the other end was a California resident named Rick Platt.  He's the owner and CEO of SkyZone, a franchiser of indoor trampoline playgrounds.

Thanks to Google Alerts, I've been familiar with him.  I have a message sent to me every time the name "Rick Platt" comes up in an article the Google Alerts found.  In fact, when my family visited his Delaware County franchisee's place, I joked with the staff there about the name-sharing thing. 

Thanks to a recent Letter to the Editor I wrote, he has now become familiar with me.  I wrote in the Newark Advocate about my personal support for the Licking Park District's 0.25 mills levy in support of parks, paths, and trails.  In particular, I tweaked SkyZone by mentioning the fact that the levy, when passed, will cost me less in five years than one trip to SkyZone costs me.

The other Rick Platt was intrigued and amused enough to call.  If he's anything like me other than just sharing the name, how could he resist?

I'm sorry I missed his call so I phoned back and left a message saying, "This is Rick Platt, calling for Rick Platt."

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