Saturday, February 4, 2012

Idea: TiVo 2025

Last Saturday, I overhead my son Brooks say to his brother John, "It's a great thing, John. Grandma gets back on Friday." 

I sent a text message to my mom to tell her.  It made her day.

It gave me an idea though.  The technology of my idea isn't Star Warsesque as much as it may seem. It's not far off, really.

I have a TiVo DVR to be able to record, play back, and reverse television shows.  If something extraordinary shows up, I can quickly re-watch it and share it too.

Why not have a TiVo for real life? 

It would be great if I could have sent Grandma a video of Brooks' comment.  A video after the fact would be rehearsed and insincere.  The real life, as-it-happened video would be a million times better.  She'd know it was unrehearsed and real.  She could hear the tone of sincerity in his comment.  She could have seen John's reaction too.  That's better quality of life.

Maybe some day there will be a miniature, hovering, holographic TiVo to playback and share family moments.  The miniature, practically-unseen digital camera would hover around a person.  If we wanted, we could tell the device to reverse and playback a just-lived, real-life scene.  We could watch the scene holographically and then tell it to send a video clip to anyone we choose for them to watch holographically too.

Some day.  Call it TiVo 2025.

Of course, Grandma got back yesterday so that real thing beats this hands down.

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