Sunday, February 5, 2012

150 Years of The Battle Hymn

February 1862 saw Atlantic Monthly publish the Battle Hymn of The Republic for the first time. Wars have produced lasting songs throughout history. None beats the Battle Hymn and it's 150-year run.

I can recall as a kid, when the Hymn was a mere 115 years old, listening to our church choir fulfill it's July 4th tradition of performing the Hymn at the end of Mass. The pipe organ's familiar bump, bump, bump at the start was a signal to wait and listen.

"Mine eyes have seen the glory. . ." started a stirring rendition from the Men and Boys Choir of St. Mary Massillon. Unforgettable.

Here's a 1976 recording posted on YouTube.

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  1. When I was ten years old, our family traveled by train from California to Ohio in order to attend the Armstrong Family Reunion. (You have probably seen pictures.) As the train was traveling through New Mexico, Johnny and I went to the observation car. As the evening wore on the other passengers started singing together. One of my most vivid memories was them singing the Battle Hymn of The Republic and looking out at the beautiful landscape.