Monday, January 16, 2012

This Is The Year

This is the year the Class of '65 turns 65.

This is the year that more expansion and growth is expected from the manufacturing industry in Ohio.

That's part of why we are seeing more and more reports of workforce shortages, particularly in manufacturing.

The number of Ohioans who turn 65 every day, on average, in Ohio is expected to hit 114. It was just 19 on an average day a few years ago. The magic retirement age is seeing more people leave the workforce than are entering it.

Manufacturing, in Ohio, is also seeing a renaissance. Evidence the numerous announcements of expansions, particularly in unlikely places like Youngstown and Lorain.

Plus, ask most any manufacturer whether they are selling more to the oil and gas industry. You'd be surprised the depth of impact on manufacturing this national "boom" is having and it hasn't even hit Ohio yet.

Get ready. This is the year.

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