Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: This Show is Squatchy

Bobo is one of four "Bigfoot researchers" on the Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot.  Bobo is the one second from the right in the stock photo above.  He's coined the phrase "squatchy" to refer to a place the elements of which make it suitable for a Bigfoot or Sasquatch habitat.

As bizarre a premise for a show as it is, this show is one of a just few t.v. shows that have gotten my attention lately.  My Tivo is recording it for me every Sunday night at 10 p.m. as the new season just got underway.

Proximity is at play in catching my attention.  Sunday's episode was filmed about two hours away from my in-laws in Minnesota.  A look ahead at the promotional materials shows them visiting Ohio soon.  Salt Fork State Park is the site for a January 29, 2012 episode. See the map at the show's website.

Fiction bordering on non-fiction (or is that the other way around?) is also part of why it catches my attention.  Of course, they never have found Bigfoot, but that doesn't make it any less interesting.

Bobo is the most interesting researcher of all four.  Bobo's research every week points to just about any deep woods with deer to be "squatchy" and he can add to the entertainment value by making sounds that are reported to be the sounds of a Sasquatch.  He also often serves as the body double for Bigfoot in re-creating eye witness accounts.

My wife chuckles at my interest in this show. She watches it too though.

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