Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jaws For Another Generation

The TiVo found Jaws sometime over Christmas.  It wasn't long afterward, my sons found Jaws also.

I was eight years old when Jaws came out.  I wasn't allowed to see the R rated movie (the silver screen version had nudity to go with the violence), but the na-na-na-na of the shark's approach and a newfound fear of the Ocean were embedded in my mind nonetheless.  I got to actually see it a few years later, probably on some friends' HBO subscription or something.

Now, the tamer-for-television version was seen by my now eight-year-old boys.

They were mesmerized and marveled in trying to predict who would get eaten by the shark next.

I've jokingly done the na-na-na na-na-na music when we swam.  Now they know why.

They've seen the Bad Hat Harry Productions piece that cartoonized the scene where Chief Brody says, "That's one bad hat, Harry" to one of the beach swimmers. Now, they know where it came from and reminded me too.

Jaws is an institution.  It's passed to another generation now.

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