Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is it Attention Deficit or What?

It may be a latent case of ADHD on my part or something.

As much as I try to focus on a topic on this blog, I can't quite get there.  I want to focus on economic development topics that appeal to the masses--employment, suburban development, GDP, globalization, and manufacturing--but I can't quite get there.

I do blame myself, but my audience is somewhat to blame too. 

Here's the Blogger Stats' "top 5" blog postings based on the number of pageviews in the past year.  Of course, if you click on these you only contribute to the lack of focus.

1. An Amuse-Bouche Trend?  18 months ago, I noticed a trend of restaurants providing a delicious, free appetizer start to a meal.  Unfortunately, with the economic recovery now at hand, I haven't noticed it happening at all.

2. A Good Old-Fashioned Bond-Burning Ceremony The Port Authority marked a milestone of our land bank property achieving debt-free status.  Apparently, other people are looking for what to do when they burn their bonds too.

3. Advocating for Godfather 4  The Godfather movies are a personal passion of mine.  I'm glad to see this one get some attention.  We need another Godfather movie.  We really do.

4. Feeling the Pulse of the Homesick Pizza, Joel Kotkin, and hometown all in one.  Not sure what the draw is on this one except everyone is homesick for their hometown pizza and everyone should be wanting to read more about Joel Kotkin.

5. I Bought a Bike Without a Banana Seat Odd.  Isn't it?

Oh well.  I'll just keep being the poster child for attention deficit.

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