Thursday, April 28, 2011

Google Driverless Car Crash?

Google's driverless car is on my mind again. I wrote about it twice in October--once when word first came out and again the next day pondering the World with such a thing as a driverless car. I remain totally intrigued by the thing.

A recent crash made me think of the driverless car.  Recently, on Aerospace Center property, the Port Authority saw skid marks across a curb, a tree that had been run over in the same path, and tire tracks leading up to a creek on the north side of the campus.  Ironically, the vehicle that took this path followed the route that Google maps showed for getting from James Parkway to Irving Wick Drive West in Heath.

It wasn't long after the crash, as a matter of fact, that the Google map was updated to show the correct route.

Coincidence?  Or did the Google mappers send out their driverless car for a visit to Ohio?  I don't, often, believe in coincidence.

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