Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of Revenge Against the Nuns

I joke that my kids would some day get revenge against the nuns for me.  And, even though there aren't nuns at my kids' Catholic school anymore, that has pretty much been true. 

My kids' behavior, often, mirrored mine in school.  The same behavior that got the nuns' ire against me has been multiplied.  I have four kids so that's four times the revenge.

It ended yesterday, though.

My son, John, got recognized at an all-school Mass for "Virtue of the Month" in his second grade class.  I'm a proud papa.

A Platt recognized for virtuous behavior in Catholic school?  That's simply amazing.

No Platt, including my parents, my uncles, my brothers, nor I, were ever recognized for good behavior by the Catholic schools we attended.  Ever.

My kids, in fact, lasted, collectively, the equivalent of almost 17 school years in Catholic school without such recognition.

John's recognition ended a glut of good behavior recognition for the equivalent of over 100 years of Catholic school attendance among my immediate family. 

The revenge time is now over.  Time for a truce.

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