Saturday, December 11, 2010

A World with Blimps and More

I really don't watch much television, but I look forward to every episode of the Fox series Fringe.

The show could be classified as science fiction combined with cop show as it centers on a team of FBI agents and cohorts who investigate weird things from the "fringe."

Much of the last two seasons has been devoted to an alternate, parallel universe theme where much of the people and things in our World are living in the same time in an alternate, parallel place.  It comes to a head with either total annihilation of one universe or some sort of peace between the two.

The alternate universe has blimps.  Presumably, the Hindenburg disaster didn't occur "over there" so they continued to be considered viable for travel.  The World Trade Center towers remain fully intact in that other universe too.  Maybe that's because of blimps instead of jets?

The Statue of Liberty does not have a green, oxidized patina in the alternate universe so it is a bold, bronze color.  It also doubles as the HQ for the Dept. of Defense.  No Pentagon there I guess.

The subtle is great.  I noticed one recent episode where the train station in Newark, NJ, known as Penn Station, was named for Bruce Springsteen in the alternate universe.  I'm for that.

The acting is great.  I especially like John Noble's characters Walter and Walternate.  He can mix in some of the funniest lines in a most serious, deadpan setting.

Here's a recommendation to watch Fringe when it returns to new shows on January 21.  It will challenge you like no other show out there today, and make you laugh too.

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