Friday, December 10, 2010

Expecting Kotkin Quotes or Citations

There's a future economy series coming to a newspaper network near you (if you are near me).

I'm worried.

It will be easy for people to look at the recent past and even recent decades in Ohio and preach doom and gloom in a story like this that looks at the future.  It's easy for people to predict bad things for the future based on bad things in the past.

I expect to hear about the decline of manufacturing in Ohio and the associated decline in other demographic stats about Ohio during the same period.

For my part, I tried to put a spotlight on the reasons to be more upbeat about our future.

Here's' hoping the attempt to put a spotlight on the Joel Kotkin vision for a revitalized "Heartland" and a revival of manufacturing took root with the reporters.  I'm especially hoping the lead reporter found his way to Kotkin himself for a quote or two.  At the least, I'm hoping the lead reporter cites Kotkin's book.

Now, I wait.

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