Sunday, December 19, 2010

We are Left Side Sitters

Sunday, delayed and getting to the church just seconds before Mass began, we were ushered to a seat.  It was, gasp, on the right side of the church.

In 8+ years of Mass at St. Francis de Sales in Newark, I don't recall ever sitting on the right side.  Not once.  This was our first time over to the other side.

It's not a political thing--sitting right or sitting left.  There actually seems to be more Democrats sitting on the right side, but one prominent county GOP leader sits over there too.

It's a habit thing.

My mother always had us sit on the left side.  Her mother did too.  I don't know how far back this family habit goes, but I suspect I have embedded it enough that my kids will do the same. 

That would make it at least four generations of left side sitters.

Today, we'll be back.  And we'll be on the left side.

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  1. When I was in grammar school they had the boys sit on the right and girls on the left. So I became a right-sider for life although I can occasionally cross over without too much trauma.