Saturday, December 18, 2010

Experiencing Trains in Eastern Ohio

It's Eastern Ohio train weekend for the Platts.  Tonight, I watched a train movie filmed in Eastern Ohio.  Tomorrow, the family rides a train in Eastern Ohio.

I just watched the movie, Unstoppable.  It's a movie about a runaway train that threatens cities in Pennsylvania.

It was partly filmed in Ohio, though.  The Eastern Ohio scenes were familiar to me. 

I could see familiar scenes along the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad line.  In 1996, I got to hi-rail that same line with the railroad, crossing the bridge over the Ohio River at Bellaire that is often featured in the film.  Bellaire, Ohio is remade into fictional town of Stanton, PA in the film.

I saw scenes in Mingo Junction, Martins Ferry, and Steubenville too.  The Wheeling & Lake Erie's lines run through all these places.

Not just because of the familiar places, I liked and recommend the movie.

Tomorrow, we ride the Polar Express from Dennison, Ohio along the Panhandle Rail Line. 

That's a review for another day.

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