Friday, November 19, 2010

That Old Chair Was a Keeper

In 2006, I had to give up my 1997 Olds that had 120,000+ miles on it.  The engine blew on 161 in Westerville.  I sold it to a scrap yard for $75.

Earlier this year, my 1991 color tv finally got landfilled.  I had bought it at a scratch-n-dent place in Columbus and got 19 years of service out of her.  I hated to see her go even though the screen occasionally would jump and needed a hit on its top to readjust.

My bedside alarm is from 1986.  The radio in my office was bought at Best Products with my newspaper boy money in 1979.

I keep things as long as I possibly can.  I'm cheap and generally indifferent about having the most modern looking things.  The combination is what it is.

I'm the same way at the office.

My old office chair died Wednesday.

My staff saw it coming.  Bruce, Erin, and Bill really ganged up and insisted I get a new chair. 

Sure, the coasters would come off on occasion, and the risk of the chair toppling meant I was a higher-than-normal Workers' Comp risk for the last few months, but I liked that old, comfy chair.  It had buttoned upholstery and real wood for the arms and the legs. 

I move around alot in my chair, and I'm no featherweight either.  This chair did its job.  A new one costs money and new ones just aren't made as well sometimes.

Nonetheless, I gave in and said let's start looking.  A test one was reportedly on its way.

In the meantime, the old one got up and died on me.  Yesterday, a coaster came off (again) and an indiscriminate part came off all of a sudden.

Even cheapskate me knew it was over.  Time to part company.

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