Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Bet My Friends Didn't Know. . .

I'm a descendant of Pocahontas.

Unlike the fictional story in the Disney version, Pocahontas, daughter of Powhatan, married John Rolfe. 

Their son, Tom, had a daughter, Jane.  Jane Rolfe married  Robert Bolling and, before she died young, had a son, John.  Colonel John Bolling's daughter Mary had a daughter, Mary Fleming. 

Mary Fleming married William Bernard.  William's son, Thomas, was my great grandmother Sallie's great grandfather.  The Bernard's have lived in Clinton County, Ohio since Ohio became a state.

Counting back, that makes me 12th generation descendant in the bloodline from Pocahontas.

Thanksgiving time is a time when we think of the story of the Pilgrims and the Indians sitting down for a peaceful Thanksgiving Dinner together. 

I'm proud that my roots date back further than that Thanksgiving Dinner to such a coming together of races and cultures.

Take Action:  For other possible descendants finding this page, see more on grandma Pocahontas here.

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