Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Science of Picking Bricks

In 2003, the building above was painted.  The before and after picture is fairly dramatic.  Job well done.

It's the in between that had a lesson.  Big lesson.

Our folks were testing their limits and opted for a green shade for the building's paint.  I signed off on the little paint cards, and we authorized painting to commence.

There's no defense, though, for the lime green aka Kermit the Frog color that went up on it.  As soon as we saw it, we halted the contractor and the lessons for the future began.

We remembered those lessons and still apply them when it comes to picking colors for anything.  We're now picking bricks for our new building and those lessons are being applied.

Lesson one was to never believe paint cards.  You have to go see a building with that paint if you are going to pick that paint. 

In picking the new brick color and texture, we're going to look at existing buildings that use the ones we are considering.  Mandatory tour.

Lesson two was to stick to what works.  We decided at that point to never go beyond the color schemes that we already had deployed on our campus.

In picking brick colors and mixes, we are sticking to brick colors that are similar to what we already have on our campus.

Lesson three was to get opinions of stakeholders.  We still have to make the decision, but we get input from our customers' leadership and personnel.  And we truly listen.

We'll be setting up some brick sample walls and inviting our customer and Board (they're paying for this) to give it a look before we make our final decision.

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