Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Israel to Attack Iran?

I expect to wake up any morning and hear that Israel has attacked Iran. 

It should be no surprise.  News reports are that Iran's move to establish a nuclear reactor is about to take a step into production that would catapult that regime into the inevitable--possession of nuclear weapons.

Though the entire planet should be threatened by nuclear weapons in Iran's hands, Israel is the top target of such weapons.

History shows that Israel is not shy when forced to go it alone and act in theirs and the world's best interest. 

It was June 7, 1981 when the Israeli Air Force attacked and took out Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactors.  That action took away Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapon capabilities.  Imagine the last 29 years if Iraq truly had "weapons of mass destruction."

I'm no foreign policy guru, but I have to wonder, "Will history repeat itself?"

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