Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Build?

15 years ago Heath and Licking County was still admist a crisis about the future of the Newark Air Force Base and jobs here.

Even after the privatization, there remained skeptics and, frankly, few would have predicted back then anything more than weeds and rubble south of Irving Wick and Heath Road come the year 2010.

Though we aren’t weeds and rubble and the crisis’ are far smaller, we aren’t without challenges.

Last year around this time hit us with two major challenges.

One of our largest customers was looking  to relocate in order to accommodate their growing workforce.  We didn't have office space available.

At the same time, specialty cleanroom space once available by sublease of our largest building was no longer available.  A prospect with local ties chose a site out of state instead.

It was time to build new.

Those challenges were the impetus behind the Port Authority's decision to design and propose to build a combination office and clean room building on our campus.  What's emerged is a 43,461 sq. ft. two-story office building, including a 8,279 sq. ft. clean room building.

Our Facebook fans got the first look at them and then the Heath Planning Commission was the first public body to get those plans last night. 

Here's a few of the graphics of what the Planning Commission reviewed. 

Stay tuned at for more in the future.

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