Thursday, April 22, 2010

The New Phone Book is Here!

We've spent more than $10 million with Licking County Chamber of Commerce members in the past dozen or so years.

But it just got easier for us to spend even more.

The Licking County Chamber published its annual Membership Director and Buyers Guide in on-line format for the first time.  It was unveiled Thursday.

Just like Steve Martin's character Navin R. Johnson in a not-so-flatteringly-named movie, I'm inclined to proclaim, "The new phone book is here!  The new phone book is here!"

The outcome of this move online will be good.

The Port Authority is proof that Chamber members will see benefits from this move.

I have already e-mailed the e-directory web link to my staff and encouraged them to bookmark it.  Some may take the option and print it.

What it will do though is make it easier for our team to achieve one of our long-standing goals which is to increasingly seek out local companies to fulfill the services we need.  Though we bid out large construction projects, we have alternative ways to select other services and smaller projects.

Having an easy guide complete with contacts, web links, and phone numbers, makes it easier to buy.

And easier means we will.

Good move, Chamber.

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  1. Thanks Rick. We certainly want to encourage everyone to keep their dollars local and use Chamber members whenever possible. Thanks to the Port Authority for investing in Licking County.