Sunday, April 11, 2010

Voting "Yes" for Quality of Life in Licking County

I'm voting yes on the trio of levies that directly affect our community's quality of life--C-TEC, Licking County Library, and Licking Park District.

C-TEC benefits extend to every corner and beyond Licking County. There's practically no manufacturer and major employer in the community that hasn't benefited from C-TEC's "product"--a skilled workforce. C-TEC's value to the community is measured many times over greater than the cost of this modest levy.

For my family, quality of life has come from the C-TEC pre-school. Three of my kids have attended and were better-prepared for Kindergarten because of it.

State budget woes are to blame for why our library system is asking taxpayers for money. Nonetheless, we have to retain this great asset at its fullest capacity. Again, the value of our library to retaining our history, preparing families for the future, and providing technology assets for a wider part of our population are just a few of the things that add to our quality of life.

Quality of life has come to the Platt family from stacks of books my family has taken out to add to our learning and entertain ourselves.

The Licking Park District is in serious danger of not being able to properly maintain our 44-mile recreational trail network and man its parks without this 0.2 mill levy. For the cost of just a bit more than a Big Mac or Whopper meal, the average Licking County property owner can continue to keep this quality asset in our lives.

Quality of life for the Platts comes from being able to walk, go by stroller, and (in my kids' case) bike along the trail network. As my kids get older and as their dad got a new bike recently, we want to be able to ride on the trails further and longer.

On May 4, I'll be voting "yes" for these three levies.

Won't you join me in support of quality of life in Licking County?

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