Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nerkfest! The O.U. Alternative

Something happened to my now twenty-year-old daughter.  Her Facebook page reads, " . . .working on homework and hanging out with the family the rest of the day."  She's home for the second weekend in a row from college.

What?  No Ohio University 'fest for her?

Ohio University, from my experience gained from her two years there, rolls out street parties every Spring and labels them [INSERT NAME HERE] Fest. 

The photo below is from one such 'fest in 2009. 

It's not exactly a parent's dream to raise their child to be among the horse-hitting, porch-overloading, arsonist-leaning sect.

So, I like this transformation to family-oriented that my until-recently-a-teenager daughter has suddenly made.  When she asks to come home, I'll oblige with 6-7 hours of extra driving on my weekend.

Anything to keep her from another 'fest in Athens.

Instead of beer, we drink orange juice.  Instead of setting fires, we play the Wii.  Instead of joining thousands on the streets, we fill the minivan to capacity and visit the tranquil nature at Dawes Arboretum or some such quiet alternative.

It's the O.U. Alternative in Newark, Ohio.  We'll call it Nerkfest.

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