Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Schedule M - Almost Missed It!

I was about to file my income tax return.  Just out of the blue one of my staff members mentioned "Schedule M."

I've never paid someone to do my taxes for me.  My taxes are, apparently, too complicated for the software programs.  The two times I tried them I couldn't get them to work right.  I proudly remind my oldest daughter every year that I even did my McDonald's manager's taxes for him when I was 17.

All my skill at doing my own taxes almost cost me.  I'm humbled.

I missed Schedule M.

Or almost missed it.

Here's a great article about the up to $800 credit that it means.

In a nutshell, this is it: Schedule M is our way to claim the $800 per couple tax credit in the stimulus package. The withholding tables were adjusted to "give" the credit but the tax tables in our IRS tax form instructions were adjusted to take it away, unless you file Schedule M.

I have tonight to get my tax form fixed and get that credit.   I'll still owe the treasury, but not as much now. Thanks, Dave!

Did you remember your Schedule M?

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