Thursday, April 15, 2010

Facebook First?

Our plans are coming into focus.

That's the teaser line we've been deploying for several weeks along with out-of-focus views of the exterior like the one below on our websites.

Wednesday, after our Board gave its final blessing to our design but before we go to Heath's Planning Commission, we pushed out an image of our building's main entrance to Facebook.

We'll be ready to show the full plans after Heath's Planning Commission meeting next week.
But the question we ponder is:  is it fair to unveil it on Facebook first?

Our page has over 200 fans.  It's proven to be a good place to feed the grapevine of a mix of our customers' personnel, customers' leadership, community leaders, and our federal and state "caucus" too.

Why not make it a mass outreach launchpad too?

We're asking for input on this idea.  Of course, that's at our Facebook page too.

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