Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Into the Snakehead

There's an area on Port Authority property we call the "Snakehead."  I'll be joining some wetlands experts from Dawes Arboretum and Dave Handley, environmental guru of our staff, for a walk through it today.

I believe the name is attributable to the shape of the wooded area and how it appears on an aerial photo.  I hope I don't find the name has a double meaning.  I really don't like snakes at all.

The Port Authority, as part of a wetlands mitigation plan, has attempted to help Mother Nature expand wetlands in this permanent open space area on our industrial campus.  Admittedly, I've signed a lot of purchase requisitions for work in that area, but I have never taken a deep dive look myself.

So, into the Snakehead we go!


Update:  A Facebook album has been uploaded with photos with yours truly behind the camera for the trip into the Snakehead.

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