Monday, March 29, 2010

Going Green is a Generational Thing

From my viewpoint, being an environmentalist is often more a generational thing. One generation’s self-labeled environmentally-conscious consumer would be an average consumer at best in a past generation.

My family is an example of that.

I, by nature, avoid short driving trips to just go get one item. My daughter, though, will drive miles to get a single box of some brand item.

I drink my water from a tap. She prefers water in a plastic bottle that consumes petroleum to make and transport and then it gets landfilled.

I simply cannot leave a room without turning off the lights behind me. Natasha has some electronic devices in her room that are never turned off.

I know what refillable milk and pop bottles were. She doesn’t.

Best of all, she used to drive to high school every day and our house is visible from the school entrance.  I carpooled and parked further away from my school's entrance than our house is from hers.
Nonetheless, she’s an environmentalist, and I’m not. Hmmmm.

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