Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Manufacturers, Hidden Among Us

In Licking County, we are pleased to have Boeing making navigation devices and antennae.  We're glad Amazon is here with data and distribution.  We are fortunate to see Bath and Body Works' suppliers making bath and body works.  Nothing, though, beats the local manufacturers among us when it comes to providing a stable, economic base of jobs.

I was reminded of that today by a speaker at our Newark Rotary Club's Tuesday program.

Peter Larson, CEO of Klarity Medical Products, was the speaker.

Peter is familiar to Newark Rotarians because he's a member.  He also plays the piano and leads the song portion of our program every week.  His visible role in our community's music scene makes Peter a well-known person around town.

It was his day job that was the topic though.  And, for that, he is hidden among us.

Klarity has a 28-year history that began in Peter's garage.  It's grown the business in Newark designing, distributing, and making medical products primary in the radiation therapy and occupational therapy arenas.  His products are specialty plastics that take the form, literally, of the consumer.  A mask that is shaped to perfectly fit a person's head is a must for targeted therapies.  A pillow that holds one's head in place aids to comfort and results.

Klarity is international and exports 50% of its products to nearly every continent yet they are locally-rooted. Their design shop for product development is here.  Their engineers are here.  Their supply chain integration is here.   Their manufacturing is here.

Klarity also proves my long-standing view that innovation knows no population density.  They deploy 3D printing to make low-rate production of components.  Technology has made Klarity an even more stable supplier of jobs, locally.

Peter's company is one more example of manufacturers, hidden among us.

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