Friday, June 2, 2017

Ohio-Native Plantings Approach a Smart, Eco-Friendly Move

Ohio-native plantings like this stand out for sure
The entrance on the east side of the Aerospace Center was landscaped with only Ohio-native plantings. It's a policy of the Port Authority, and has been for years now, to require all new plantings we maintain on our campus to be exclusively Ohio-native.

That means, only plantings that are native to the Ohio climate zones are able to be planted.

The experts at Dawes Arboretum predicted that the native plants would be a hardier plant and that the maintenance would be lower.  They were right.

The Ohio Native Meadow in 2016
We planted a whole acre under Ohio-native meadow grasses and wildflowers.  We have to mow it once a year and that's an area that used to get moved every week for up to nine months a year before.

We have two landscaping areas that proudly wear the Dawes' Ohio Sustainable Landscape label.

Our Port Authority prides itself on being a government innovator.  We like to set an example for not only our fellow governments, but the private sector too.

Doing things that are both eco-friendly and economic friendly is an easy, smart move.

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