Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The State of Manufacturing Tour Passes Through

The National Association of Manufacturing brought it's "State of Manufacturing Tour 2017" through Ohio yesterday.

The stop in Columbus yesterday was followed by a stop in Pittsburgh today.  Here's hoping the tour played its part in raising the awareness of NAM's manufacturing agenda.

In between Columbus and Pittsburgh, NAM's tour passed by symbols of the agenda and mission behind the tour in Licking County:

- Embrace Manufacturing.  The largest manufacturing corridor in Central Ohio is right along the tour's path.  I-70 at St. Rt. 79 is the southern-most tip of the largest concentration of manufacturing in the Central Ohio region.  We call it 79|Seventy.  Licking County is a place that embraces manufacturing.

- Invest in Infrastructure.  At the northern end of the manufacturing corridor is a new interchange that not only opened east-west traffic between the two largest consumer markets in the U.S.--Pittsburgh and Columbus--but also opened future development sites for industry.

- Gain Energy Independence.  Licking County is the western gateway to the shale plays that have brought hopes of energy independence to the nation, not to mention giving manufacturing a boost.

That's just three of many shining examples of the agenda that is needed to boost manufacturing.

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