Monday, January 12, 2015

Channeling Every Cities' Inner Cleveland

The latest column at is a must-read for people who are willing to let their perceptions be challenged, with facts.

Guest writer John Sanphillippo's column, "The 'Inner Cleveland' of Trendy Cities" and puts urbanists on their ear.

Guess most people couldn't guess from where his Cleveland-like photos came.

His final paragraph is almost like fatherly advice. It's an invitation to Millennials to embrace the Midwest.

Here’s my advice to both young people who are just starting out as well as older people who are struggling to manage in a tough economic environment. Stop fighting expensive housing markets. Stop trying to wedge yourself into an overpriced shoe box apartment in a mediocre neighborhood in a top tier city. Stop driving an hour and a half out to an isolated subdivision just to hold on to your status in a big metroplex. It’s not worth it. The interior of the country is absolutely full of amazing places at a price you can comfortably afford. Give yourself and your family a big raise and leave the coast behind.

Check it out.  He's right.

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