Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Daughters in the 'Burbs

I have two daughters who are growing up in one of the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.  (My boys too.)

I predict they will continue to want to live in the suburbs.  They talk about where they want to live when the grow up, occasionally even saying they want to live near Dad. 

Apparently, my daughters are the norm, at least the living in the 'burbs part.

Joel Kotkin puts some stats to that phenomenon with his latest piece in the Washington Post titled "America's Newest Hipster Hotspot:  The Suburbs?"

He debunks conventional wisdom and popular entertainment portrayals to the contrary.  Most of our Millennials want to live in the suburbs.

He must have upset some urban elite when he wrote, "Only 17 percent of Millennials identify the urban core as where they want to settle permanently."

Joel will really make some of the Smart Growthers cry as he hits home a central point he's hit home before:  "Rather than vilify suburbs as fundamentally inefficient, deadening and wasteful, its time to focus on how to improve the preferred environment for work, interaction and raising the next generation for most Americans."

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