Saturday, September 6, 2014

Uplifting Manufacturing News With A Historical Flare

George H. W. Bush's late grandfather made headlines this past week.  Good headlines.

The company Samuel Prescott Bush founded, now known as Columbus Castings, announced an expansion on the south side of Columbus that could be summed up in one word:  Uplifting!

It's historic too.

500 jobs is uplifting news anywhere, but it's especially uplifting on Columbus' historically hard-hit South side.

It's uplifting and historic news when the Mayor of Columbus and Governor of Ohio, rightly, point out that this news is extraordinary because of the importance of manufacturing jobs. It means that some of our more urban-focused leaders are getting the point--manufacturing matters, where ever it happens to occur.

It's uplifting news when urban news media are awaken to the concept, as if it just occurred to them, that manufacturing is alive and has a brighter future ahead of it in Ohio and the U.S.

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