Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Challenging Those R-Belt Myths

Richey Piiparinen must appear as stern as this photo of a nun in a Cleveland area restaurant to some "cool and hip" city thinkers.

Though he favors throwing around the "R" word too much to my liking (that is his thing, though), I label his NewGeography.com piece a must-read.

He pins to the ground the whole premise that population growth is a measure of success for a region, and its economy.  There's lessons for urban and suburban economic development policy makers in his message.  Take off those rust-colored glasses.

His summation sums up a lot of data:  "Regaining focus entails removing the rust-colored glasses. Rust Belt leaders will see there are assets to work with, not to mention feel the freedom that comes with no longer being a study in contrast for those touting a future that really isn’t."

See The Ugly City Beautiful:  A Policy Analysis.

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