Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Swing State Fail

It's not 2012 anymore.  Ohio's election-year "swing state" status is two years behind us and, likely, two years ahead of us.

It's time to ponder, again, whether this whole "swing state" thing is really worth it.  I recently learned of yet another reason why that "swing state" status doesn't really work in our favor.

At a recent Columbus2020 panel on data analytics, it was revealed that IBM was compelled to delay announcing their monumental decision to bring their new data analytics project to Ohio in the Fall of 2012.

The reason they were compelled to delay the sharing of the decision?  The election.

It wasn't to steal any one candidates' thunder.  It was to avoid being made a political football by announcing good news in Ohio too close to election day.

Word came out, officially, after the election.

How many things get delayed, postponed, or halted just because of our "swing state" status?  One is too many.

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