Monday, January 13, 2014

My Economists to Manufacturers: We're Back!

The chart from Friday's column is worth posting again.  Alan and Brian Beaulieu, I call them my economists, used this slide on a podcast intended for a Vistage audience of CEO's, including CEO's of manufacturers.  It helped them make a couple key points about manufacturing in the U.S.

For one, they recommended Joel Kotkin's book The Next Hundred Million.  They made it recommended reading and labeled Kotkin's parts on China and the U.S. as "realistic" while also optimistic views of the future.

They also added a quotable line saying, "You [U.S. manufacturing] can kick anybody's butt right here in the U.S." adding that reshoring is real and there's no need to offshore manufacturing anymore.

"We're back!" was added for more gusto.

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