Monday, September 16, 2013

Taking On Smart Growth

A link to a cartoon at One Piece at a Time blog

Joel Kotkin did it again.  The Smart Growthers are putting pins in their Kotkin voodoo dolls today.

The conclusion to his latest piece, "City Leaders Are in Love With Density but Most City Dwellers Disagree" is a must-read.  Beware, it will make you want to read the whole thing.
"The primary goal of a city should not be to make wealthy landlords and construction companies ever richer, or politicians more powerful. Instead, we should look for alternatives that conform to human needs and desires, particularly those of families. Urbanism should not be defined by the egos of planners, architects, politicians, or the ├╝ber-rich, who can cherry-pick the best locales in gigantic cities. Urbanism should be driven above all by what works best for the most people."
He's right. 

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