Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blog Focus Blog

Where's the ancestry?  Why has the blog been less-filled lately?

Truth is.  I'm trying to evolve the blog.

My Ancestry Saturday theme has gone away.  The real reason to do blogs on ancestry was to get the names into the search engines so researches on the same name could find their way to me to collaborate.  I can do that elsewhere, and have migrated it off to another site.

The reason for is for the business purpose of building credibility as a subject matter expert on manufacturing and related topics like the driverless car, STEM, economic development, and suburban development.  I'll continue to write from a work, community, and personal perspective.

The spark for evolution came from a Vistage webinar.  The presenter said imagine 200 people, one minute away from where you are going to be speaking, choosing to give some of their time to hear from you.

Would they come to hear you speak about your topic?  Would they want to hear from you?

It's from that point of view that I intend to try to write more and more in the future. 

In one word:  Focus.

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