Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Watching Employment: Licking County Hits Record Levels

Two charts tell the story pretty well.  There is reason for celebration in Licking County.

Record employment.  Source: Ohio LMI CLF Estimates Query

Record labor force size.  Source: Ohio LMI CLF Estimates Query

June 2013 is a record-setter in both the size of the labor force in Licking County and the number of people employed.  The 87,300 labor force size is a record high for Licking County.  The 81,100 employment level is also a record high.

These high points are pretty sure signals that Licking County is back from the Great Recession.

These are both according to today's Labor Force Estimates as published by the Ohio LMI state agency.

Though no one can take credit for this good news, I'm sure Grow Licking County will have something good to say about this--as they should.

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