Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seeing a Driverless Car. . .

 . . . is off my bucket list (if I had such a list) as of a week ago.

That's because I got to see Ohio State University's version of the driverless car last Tuesday.

It was parked and not running so seeing a running driverless car and riding in one remain very high on my list.

I'm still digesting what I saw from the engineers at OSU's Center for Automotive Research and I'm being careful to not reveal things they told me that may be trade secrets.

For driverless cars to be commonplace on the roadway, it's going to take a convergence of policy, industry development, and university research.  Auto manufacturers are already on board with the concept.  The "auto pilot" users--namely aerospace--are the next group to get on board.

Suffice to say that OSU is, indeed, ahead of most when it comes to development and testing of autonomous vehicles.  They can boast a 30-year track record and have retained a solid 17 straight years of research devoted to producing a commercially-viable driverless car.  Ohio is a leading state because of OSU and because of our ability to marry automotive prowess with tangent technologies of aerospace.

Stay tuned.

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