Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ohio Just Being Ohio Proves a Winner

An Associated Press story on recent Census data didn't get much play. It's a shame. There's good news in there.

AP reports Ohio gained in the category of youth population that, just this last 2010 Census, was a loss. Ohioans have come to expect "brain drain" every Census report.

Why the reversal of this long, negative trend? The story doesn't make a good case.

It quotes Governor Kasich as saying something about being cool, as a state. The Governor, if he said that, distanced himself from that remark by the time a widely-distributed email come out. His email said, "A key to maintaining Ohio's momentum is the belief by job creators that our state is growing, innovative, and supportive of its business community."

That's better.

Ohio doesn't have to be anything it's not to retain our population of young people in my book.

I tend to think homesick Ohioans, inspired by Ohio job options, are returning to their home state too and that is part of the good news story.

To be fair, some of the reason may be that our college graduates aren't finding out-of-state job opportunities as well as the past so they are staying home until the national economy improves.

Whatever the case, here's hoping this trend continues. Ohio can win, just being Ohio.

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