Thursday, May 30, 2013

We're a Companies Town

The "company town" concept is still valid today, just in a different way.

When I heard Susan Suver, VP from US Steel, say that at a recent Ohio development summit, it struck me.  She's right.

Though China may have whole towns of 350,000 people all employed in one single supply chain, there aren't really any true company towns left in the U.S.  What she meant is that the general concept of a company town is still valid when workforce development, economic development, local government, and the whole of the community are behind the success of a company.

When everyone in a town is working together to simplify success for a company, that's the concept of the company town still alive and kicking. 

Licking County resembles that remark and our tag line for Grow Licking County is meant to invoke the concept that we are a town big enough to have the resources to fulfill business needs, yet small enough to work for the success of one company at a time.

The company town concept remains valid, and it's another reason for a company to expand and grow here.  We're a company town.  Make that plural though.

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